Dr. Driving Tips and Tricks

With an average rating of 4.5 and about 1 million users including myself rating this app a perfect 5 out of 5 on Google Play Store, Dr. Driving is getting bigger and bigger each day. The game features a decent set of cars and game modes including online multiplayer mode which are enough to increase your number of addictions by 1. But with great number of installations comes great competition.
More and more users are installing this game and are creating huge records. To beat this competition, you will need something to stay ahead of others whether its making high score on different missions or 1v1 multiplayer game. This guide is designed to help you become your best at this game.

Things you may not know about Dr. Driving-
  • Tilting your device to the left or right will turn on the indicators (blinkers).
  • Pressing the left or right arrow on your car's dashboard will turn on your indicators.
  • Taking a turn with indicators ON will earn you bonus coins.
  • You can use the horn of your car by pressing in the middle of your steering wheel.
  • Press on the top of the screen to view the back and side mirrors.
  • Drive in the lane as indicated by the arrow on the top right to earn bonus coins.
  • Switch between 3 camera modes by pressing the camera icon in the top left of your screen.
  • Check the achievements in your game, you get a lot of coins after completing every achievement. (Use your coins wisely.)

When your car needs intense repair, do not repair your car. Instead of repairing, buy an upgrade. First upgrade generally costs very low saving you a lot of coins as upgrading also repairs your car.

I prefer upgrading Durability as it will require less coins to repair when I crash next time.


Gold coins in Dr. Driving

This game functions on in-game purchase model with addition to the advertisements in the game for its revenue generation. So, you need to pay real money to buy the gold in the game. While, there are cars you can unlock with coins you win with every race, most of the cars are locked and can only be bought with gold. However, there are multiple ways to earn gold as well and you can earn any amount of gold you want with these methods.

Free 300  Gold in Dr. Driving
Complete these three tasks to earn +300 gold. Check out the screenshot below for the location of the things you need to complete.
  • Facebook Connect - Login with your facebook account to earn 100 gold.
  • Give Rating - Rate the game in the Google Play store to earn 100 gold.
  • Download the game 'Dr. Gomoku' - Download another game by the developers to earn 100 more.
Gold coins in game

Gold for multiplayer games
That 300 gold is not all the gold you get, if you haven't noticed yet, you earn gold every time you win a multiplayer game provided you crossed the finish line( or parked car, etc.). Yes you get 1 gold for every multiplayer win if you manage to complete the race. The amount of gold earned from multiplayer games remains low as most of these games end with a crash. If we assume that 1 out of 4 games get completed and giving you and your opponent 50-50 percent chance of winning, your chance of getting a gold coin in a multiplayer game is 1/8. But hey, that's still free gold.

Dr. Driving Free Coins Cheat
This trick will rain coins in your app. The cheat is that if you switch lanes with blinkers ON, you get a coin. You need not take a turn with the relevant blinker ON, just switch lane according the blinker abd get your coin. Let's say you are going to switch from the middle lane to the right lane, turn ON your right blinker and switch the lane. Kudos! You received a coin. Keep swithcing lanes with blinkers ON and its raining coins. Remember, you can turn them ON either by tapping on the arrows or tilting your device whichever you are comfortable with. Good Luck.

Buying Cars and Renting Cars
You can either purchase cars with gold or coins permanently or you can rent them temporarily with small amount of gold coins. When you have small amount of gold coins left in your profile, see what mission has the lowest score, rent the car according to that mission (see below for type of cars you need for different missions) and play only that mission with that car. You can further increase your car's stats by using coins for the upgrades.

Dr. Driving Tips for different game modes

Here are 7 game modes/missions available in the game-
  • Broken Brake
  • Drift
  • Speed
  • Speed (Highway)
  • Speed Parking
  • VIP Escort
  • Fuel Efficiency

Broken Brake
After practicing a lot, I can now drive the fastest of cars without applying brakes at all, so this mode is not a problem for me. So, what is the trick? First of all, forgive me for not showing video clips in this post to demonstrate my points but I'll try to be as clear as possible in my explanation. This trick works great for all modes specially Drift mode-

When turning left in Dr. Driving, take a sudden sharp turn in right direction so that you are completely stopped after rotating and are facing the direction you were actually meant to go.

Got it? Go full speed till the point you have to turn left and then go in the opposite direction so you rotate making 180 degrees drift and are stopped. In this way, you are stopped without applying brakes and it takes almost the exact time as it would have taken if you turn left after applying brakes.

As explained above, going in opposite direction when need to turn left will rotate you by 180 degrees. You can always have a decent drift in right direction just going at a high speed. Doing this trick will fill your drift meter somewhere between 50-100%. It may take some time to master but after that you can make some sweet records in Drift and Broken Brake modes of Dr. Driving.

Not much to say about this mode. Go full speed trying to take minimum time on turns and you have your best score. Play a lot of games in this mode and try to compete with your previous score.

Speed (Highway)
This mode can cost you a lot of coins on repairing your car as the more speed you have during a crash, more the cost of the repair. So, what to do? First of all, practice this mode with cars that are not very speedy and/or have high durability. See, the screenshot below for the cars with high durability.
Investing coins in your car's durability is a great idea as it will help you save a lot of them in the long run.

Note: Some cars say Rent: 30 km instead of Buy. This means these cars will be temporarily available after you unlock them. So, don't use these cars to complete irrelevant missions or playing online.



The mode is difficult to complete without a lot of crashes, so keep practicing with highly durable cars. After some time, you will be able to control it and can go all the way from start to finish without applying brakes and making small drifts instead.

Note: You can get really unlucky with the traffic formation in the Speed(Highway) mode resulting in stopping by applying brakes or crashing.

Speed Parking
Same as Speed mode ending with parking your car instead. The race is short in duration and is not difficult at all. Learn to not waste your time while parking and you are good in this mode. When going to park, quickly switch to away camera mode by pressing the camera option on top left on the screen to view your car with respect to the parking space. To park, slow your car and take a sharp turn left passing the car before the parking space and then a sharp turn right. As soon as you are in parallel to other cars press P on the panel that appears on top right.

VIP Escort
This mode is similar to Speed Parking just with the difference of speed. Do not go high speed or make any drifts as it makes the VIP in your car uncomfortable. Pick a car with high comfort or invest coins in your current car to have a great score in this mode.
Cars with high Comfort-

Fuel Efficiency
Go slow, never drift is what the game mode says and going slow without drifting is exactly what you have to do. This is actually the simplest of all modes with the least chances of crash. You go slow, take simple turns and cross the finish line. Choose a car with high fuel value for this mode. Here are some cars that are best suited for this mode.


So, it breaks down to a lot of practice and experimentation with different cars in different game modes to achieve your best score. If you are wondering what scores I have made, then here's the screenshot from my device.
Highest Score Dr. Driving

Remember, its just the beginning for me, I am yet to make some sweet high scores. Agree or disagree with my tips for the game? Leave your comments below.


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  10. How do you change from steering to swerving my phone. I don't like controlling the car with the steering I prefer to control by turning my phone. How do I change it. Thank you

    1. haven't played game for some time but it should be under settings. In many of the screenshots above see the gear like icon in the bottom of screen, fifth from left. looks something like sun. You should see the option after clicking that.

  11. when I loose I lost 300 coins ,and when I win I get only 40 to 30 coins ,it is very cheat