Unblock Me Tips and Techniques

The Basics

You can skip this section if you have played the game for some time now. If not, read on. There is one tile differently colored than the other tiles in the game. Also, if you see in the same line where this tile is placed, there is a hole on right side of your mobile screen. The objective is simple: get the tile through that hole. The tile moves in the same direction as it is aligned i.e. left and right. Other tiles also move according to their shape i.e. left and right or top and bottom. You have to move these tiles away from our hero tile to achieve the objective.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Let me share with you a game that you probably have right now but do not know about it. Don't be surprised as it is supposed to be an Easter egg and they are not easy to find. So, let me help you uncover the Dinosaur game hidden in Google Chrome browser on your Phone and PC.

My Experience with Flappy Bird

Wih minimum system requirements, simplest game design and awkward sounds comes one of the biggest gaming hits of 2014- Flappy Bird. Wait! Aren't you too late to talk about Flappy Bird? No. Flappy Bird doesn't gets old with time. It's a game that you may take break from but you cannot break yourself from. I won't be talking about the controversial marketing strategies, the sudden rise of game installs or the day it went down because that's already discussed a lot. I am gonna tell you whether it is a good game or a bad game, so here it is: It is a good game.