My Experience with Flappy Bird

Wih minimum system requirements, simplest game design and awkward sounds comes one of the biggest gaming hits of 2014- Flappy Bird. Wait! Aren't you too late to talk about Flappy Bird? No. Flappy Bird doesn't gets old with time. It's a game that you may take break from but you cannot break yourself from. I won't be talking about the controversial marketing strategies, the sudden rise of game installs or the day it went down because that's already discussed a lot. I am gonna tell you whether it is a good game or a bad game, so here it is: It is a good game.

Why? Well, ... Why not? Ok, for the serious explanation read on. Flappy bird requires minimal mechanics and is a good alternative to the other do-in-free-time things. The game is simple and addictive. The urge to do better than your previous score keeps you going on. Don't take it as a complete time waste though as it is definitely helping you get better hand eye coordination. Remember, no matter how low you score, there are people who cannot reach past 0.

Improving my Flappy Bird Scores

The first time I played it, it took me a while to reach the score of 1 but from that time on I have been doing great. I'll say massive scores like 10, 11 and 12 are way below my average score of 15 (I guess its around there). My best score as of now is 82 (temporary score as I play everyday!). Here check the screenshot from my new shiny Sony Xperia below and see how pro I am :-)
Flappy Bird Best Score

So, what this post is all about? This post is all about letting you know that flappy bird is a good game and I still enjoy it and so can you. Thanks for reading.

Flappy Bird in Google Doodle

You know a game is a bid deal when Google represents it in its doodle as one of the major events of the year!
Flappy Bird in Google Doodle

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