Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Let me share with you a game that you probably have right now but do not know about it. Don't be surprised as it is supposed to be an Easter egg and they are not easy to find. So, let me help you uncover the Dinosaur game hidden in Google Chrome browser on your Phone and PC.

As a gamer, I am always looking out for new games to try and it is cool to have a bonus game in my Android device all thanks to Google. They have played very smart here by keeping their users engaged with Google Chrome even when they are not online.

How to Access the Dinosaur Game?

On your phone, go to the Google Chrome browser but do not connect to the Internet. Try accessing a webpage and you will have something that looks like this:

You are offline screen - Google Chrome

This Dinosaur represents one, two or all of these things. First, that we are in the age of dinosaurs and do not have access to the Internet. Secondly, the dino cannot get connected to the Internet because of its short hands ( ;-; ). Thirdly, there's a dinosaur skeleton in Google Headquarters and this could be a reference to that as well. Anyways, moving on to how to access the hidden dinosaur game in Google Chrome. After you see the dinosaur, tap it to start the game. That's it, the game has now started. Tap anywhere to make the dinosaur jump over the obstacles. Good Luck with those dino jumps.

You can also play it on your PC. Go to a web address while you are offline. Just like mobile, a dinosaur with the message "You are offline." will appear on the screen. Press spacebar on your keyboard and the game will start. Press spacebar again to make the jumps. Here's a screenshot from the PC version of the game:

Google Dinosaur Game on PC

Note: Make sure you have the latest version of the Google Chrome browser in your devices to have the game available inside them.

Best Score in Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Just like always, I am sharing my highest score I was able to get in the game. Good Luck for your games!

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Best Score


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