Unblock Me Tips and Techniques

The Basics

You can skip this section if you have played the game for some time now. If not, read on. There is one tile differently colored than the other tiles in the game. Also, if you see in the same line where this tile is placed, there is a hole on right side of your mobile screen. The objective is simple: get the tile through that hole. The tile moves in the same direction as it is aligned i.e. left and right. Other tiles also move according to their shape i.e. left and right or top and bottom. You have to move these tiles away from our hero tile to achieve the objective.
That should be enough for the basics, lets dive into the strategy to win this game.

Unblock Me Free Screenshot

Tips and Tricks

In Unblock Me Free, every tile belongs to a specific place. It should reach there in order for your main tile to get out. In some cases, a tile has to move back and forth to make way for another one. What I do is: Start looking at the first tile blocking the exit. See, where it is supposed to go to clear the way for our hero tile. There will be another tile blocking this tile. Check where this tile should go. Form a chain from the last tile and finally you should reach the main tile. See what the actual positions of the tiles are and start moving them accordingly. Remember, you may have to move a tile back and forth sometimes. Always move with a strategy for what you are going to do next. Moving randomly will mess up the puzzle further. Take one step towards clearing the path for our hero tile at a time. Hope you learned a thing or two about the game. It is indeed difficult to teach in writing but I tried my best.

Anything Else?
Yeah, PRACTICE! After playing few games, you will know the place of every tile and will be solving puzzles faster every new game. Good Luck.

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