A Game Like Life Is Strange

I came to know about Life is Strange while regularly following Pewdiepie's YouTube channel.

Few minutes into watching the first episode and this game reminds me of my favorite RPG from Playstation 1: Chrono Cross. The presence of alternate worlds, travelling across time, relation of protagonist with other characters in the game, music of the game and almost everything reminds me of Chrono Cross.

A still from Life is Strange gameplay by PewDiePie
Maxine Caulfield in Life is Strange gameplay video by PewDiePie

I didn't play Life is Strange but kept associating it with Chrono Cross as I continued to watch its new episodes. When the final 5th episode came out, before rushing to YouTube to watch it, I thought about clearing my mind about the two games and the story of the brand names behind them: Square Enix and SquareSoft.

Life is Strange developers' name Square Enix was stuck in my head as just like the game, this name was similar to the developers of Chrono Cross: SquareSoft. Going on a small Google search trip and flipping through a couple of Wikipedia pages, I came to know that indeed these are the same guys behind both the games. These same people also created the famous Final Fantasy series. In fact, looking at Playstation One Final Fantasy games and Chrono Cross, they will be difficult to distinguish from each other. Thanks guys for creating another masterpiece: Life is Strange, a game that I never played but still love almost as much as I love my favorite Chrono Cross.

A gameplay video from the game Chrono Cross


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